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Comfortable Alternative To Traditional Dentures
Comfortable Alternative To Traditional Dentures

Flexible Dentures In Walsall

Patients looking for a comfortable alternative to traditional dentures could be interested in Flexible dentures, available from Aldridge Dental Practice..

Using advanced technology to fit around the shape of teeth and gums upon insertion, the flexible denture can be used when there is not enough bone for fitting dental implants to replace missing teeth.

The flexible denture works by flexing into position, not needing the use of metal clasping mechanisms to hold the dentures in place.

Individuals with irregularities in the shape of their mouth could benefit greatly from the treatment and experience a growth to their self-confidence as a result.

The Process

Initially patients will undergo a consultation with valplast trained dentist to ensure this type of treatment is suited to their lifestyle and medical needs. The dentist will take impressions of the patient’s jaws and teeth and send the impressions to the lab for construction of the flexible dentures. The laboratory constructs the flexible denture and returns it back to the clinic for adjustments and final fitting.

The patients can then place the denture in hot water before placing it into their mouth to allow for the flexible denture material to become soft and take the shape of their gums in the region of the missing teeth.

What are Flexible Dentures?

Flexible dentures could be the perfect solution for an individual who has lost one or more of their natural teeth as a result of gum disease, dental infection or a sporting injury. Using this method your Aldridge Dental Practice professional can utilise a partial denture to replace missing teeth and get the smile back to its natural best.

The replacement of missing teeth can have a profound effect on the appearance and overall wellbeing of an individual. Without facial support from a denture following the removal of teeth, the face can often sag, which could make individuals appear older than they actually are. Also, the fixture of dentures can ensure oral health is maintained, as those with multiple missing teeth can often experience fracture or wear of the remaining teeth.

In addition, dentures can make it much easier for members of the public to carry out a number of tasks people usually take for granted, such as eating and speaking without difficulty.

What Sets Valplast Dentures Apart?

Valplast® flexible dentures are far more comfortable than traditional dentures. The material used to create the fixture is transparent and blends in with the natural gum colour in the mouth. The metal clasps found in traditional dentures are replaced with tooth coloured clasps in flexible dentures. Patients do not need to worry about the fixture coming loose or unclear speech as a result of the alien object because of the tight-fitting nature of the appliance.

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